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Post date: Feb 22, 2012 8:57:58 PM

Ramona Emergency Assistance League (REAL)

January, 30, 2012

Here is a REAL Update of what we accomplished at our workshop last Saturday, 1-28-12, and what we are looking forward to.

We did some repair work on the New REAL Storage Facility at 434 Aqua Lane (behind the Community Center Building). Most of it was fenced, but much of fencing wasn’t hog ringed to the bottom strand of wire, or attached to the posts. We made those repairs where necessary, and we placed the final about 8 foot section to completely enclose the area.

We moved the equipment in and installed and tested an alarm system to the trailer, It will be monitored 24/7.

We still want to install a large dusk to dawn light (there is a pole with the conduit and connections already there). The shed has an external electrical outlet, so we can even leave the trailer plugged in so all the equipment and radios will b fully charged without our having to go turn on a generator to charge.

I believe our next scheduled event will be the Ramona Rodeo in May (we will be eyes and Ears) and the Parade where we will be in the staging area, down the parade route with each of the announcers, (to tell them if there is a change in the program etc) and on the Detour Route with the traffic control people. We are preparing to use the AM Radio Station (AM 1610) to help direct traffic around the parade route.

We will have meetings and workshops as we need them, if anyone asks for or suggests a topic, we will hold trainings or work parties. We are hoping to schedule a meeting soon with the new Lt. of Ramona Sheriff Substation. In case of Emergency we will be working with them, so we need to get with them and let them know what we have available to help them, and get a game-plan with them. So if anyone hasn’t completed their RACES paperwork, we need you to complete it. If you are waiting because you are thinking of changing your RACES Level (by obtaining a Technician’s License), go ahead and apply for the one you qualify for now, it is easy to update when you do get your license.

We are trying not to have meetings all the time, because we know how valuable your time is, so we will keep them on an as needed basis, but hopefully with a little more lead time. I will try to put out a monthly news bulletin like this, so you know we are still here and working on becoming a better (and hopefully larger) group. If you know someone who would like to work with us during an event or an emergency, without having to go to monthly meetings and additional drills, invite them to contact us, or bring them along with you, and we can get them the necessary information and paperwork.

Any General and above FCC license holders, we need VE’s for the Technician Class and Exam on Saturday, October 13, 2012. I can give you information individually.

Michael Obetz, President Jolene Dayton, Secretary


Richard Elling, Treasurer